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Author Beate Boeker

Beate Boeker

This website has been created to introduce you to the author Beate Boeker. She writes romances and mysteries with touches of humor and mischief from page one.

A Boeker Book offers escapism without any adverse effects

I want you to finish the last paragraph with a smile and return to real life with a glow inside.

I want you to feel encouraged, to think that, yes, these are characters who feel as I do, characters who are not perfect, but are perfectly lovable.

A Boeker Book will respect your intelligence and independence.

Are you impatient with those clinging females who do nothing but sink against the next manly chest at regular intervals? Great! We have something in common.

The heroines in my novels are self-assured with weak spots in their armor. They may lose their head occasionally but never their sense of humor. They laugh rather than cry and fight rather than faint.

A Boeker Book stands out due to its dry humor.

So, if you want to chuckle and enjoy a little happiness, welcome! Let’s start right away by watching this trailer. It will take you to Italy, where many of my novels are set: