Banker's Death

Temptation in Florence #3

Beate Boeker

When Carlina’s attractive cousin Valentino returns from Dubai to Florence, he quickly becomes the most unpopular member of the wide-spread Mantoni family. Plenty of people have reason to hate him, and when he turns up stabbed a short time later, Commissario Garini, now officially Carlina’s boyfriend, only wants to turn and run. However, he’s forced to take on the case and soon realizes that even Carlina doesn’t tell him the full truth. This puts their relationship under immense strain.
At the same time, Carlina’s mother develops an extreme health food passion that revolts the whole family. Then another, seemingly unrelated, murder of a circus clown drops into their laps and Garini has to hurry to connect all the clues before things spiral out of control.

Banker’s Death is the third mystery in the series Temptation in Florence.

Discover Carlina’s Florence with this tour around town!


4 stars
Big, fat, Italian murder
What a fun, cute read. This story revolves around a whacky Italian family and the cover-up of a murder. Close knit doesn’t begin to describe this family of suspects. For a fun, light read, I can recommend Beate’s latest. Enjoy.

5 stars
Murder is a Family Affair
Banker’s Death starts with a family birthday celebration and soon morphs into a rowdy murder investigation. When a sleazy banker turns up dead in Carlina’s apartment, her helpful relatives add to the confusion by trying to manipulate the evidence. The setting is delightful-Florence, Italy, brought to life by someone who obviously knows and loves the city. The cast is a quirky mix of characters, including an opera singer, a couple of jugglers and a handsome police investigator. To top it all off, there’s a budding romance. This book is fast-moving and pure fun, the next-best thing to a trip to Italy.
Sandra Cody

5 stars
Murder and Mayhem and Mantonis – oh, my!
Just back from a fabulous virtual vacation to Florence, Italy. So fun to spend time with my old friends, the Mantoni family. And even better, there was mayhem afoot! Banker’s Death is the third in the series of cozy mysteries (with a hint of romance) by Beate Boeker. Once again, our intrepid amateur sleuth Carlina finds herself in the middle of messy murder which threatens her budding relationship with the Commissario. There is plenty of Italian food to please the palate, plenty of gentle humor to tickle the funny bone, and plenty of suspects to keep the reader guessing, right up until the very end. This series just keeps getting better.
Jayne Orderod