Between Floors

Beate Boeker

Sarah can’t resist a swim in the luxurious pool of the Grand Excelsior Hotel, though she hates to return to her room in a bathrobe, dripping wet. Just as she braves the elevator, a gorgeous man joins her. Sarah curses her luck and pretends to disappear into thin air, when all at once, the elevator gets stuck . . .


I just loved this story. I could totally picture it happening . . . Ms. Boeker writes sharp, witty conversations that had me laughing . . .
Passionate Reviews

This was a laugh out loud book, that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves romance. It was written with the essentials to a good romance; intelligent banter, humor and just an edge of sizzle. Beate Boeker did an excellent job with the characters that left me wanting to know more about them.
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was pleasantly surprised by a well-written little gem. WRDF review