Charmer's Death

Temptation in Florence #2

Beate Boeker

What do you do when your best customer seduces your beautiful cousin? You try to save the situation, but it becomes a little harder than planned when he’s found strangled with a pair of brand new panty hose that come straight from your own store Temptation – the most luxurious lingerie store in Florence, Italy.

Next, a disturbing diary crops up that lists the former lovers of the dead man, creating chaos in more than one home. Carlina has her hands full with managing her store at its peak season, preparing the Christmas fair, and dodging her mother, who has discovered fortune telling as the next big thing. Her feelings for the attractive Inspector Garini don’t help at all as she desperately tries to find the murderer before it’s too late.

Charmer’s Death is the second mystery in the series Temptation in Florence.

Discover Carlina’s Florence with this tour around town!


5 stars

Shake off the winter blues and head off on a virtual vacation to Florence, Italy. Carlina Ashley is the owner of a luxurious lingerie store in the center of Florence. She sells a unique kind of pantyhose that don’t run. Pricey, yes, but what woman wouldn’t kill for something like that? But in this book, it’s a question of what person WOULD kill WITH something like that, because the hose become a murder weapon and everyone who has a connection to the shop (employees, Carlina’s family and her customers) is suspect. Top of the list is the store’s owner, Carlina herself, who is also in a good position to uncover a few clues on her own. Of course no mystery would be complete without a dashing Commissario to aid the amateur sleuth. Then add a family of crazy Italians and this book is three parts mystery to one part romance and then gently seasoned with a dash of humor. A great read.

Although this is the 2nd in the Temptation in Florence book, I accidentally read it first. I give the author props for doing a great job of introducing returning characters so I didn’t feel like I was missing something.
Jayne Ormerod