Expected Death

Temptation in Florence #4

Beate Boeker

Falling in love on his eightieth birthday was not one of the planned party surprises, but Cupid’s arrow hits Uncle Teo hard. The rest of the Mantoni family, however, is in an uproar because the new girlfriend, Olga, has an astonishing talent for making enemies.
Before long, the family is ripe for murder, and when Olga is indeed found dead at the foot of the historical San Niccol├▓ Tower, the Mantonis all cheer . . . until commissario Stefano Garini is forced to arrest a Mantoni family member. This, of course, makes him unpopular with his girlfriend, Carlina. She sets out to prove that her family is innocent, running straight into a trap. Will Garini arrive in time to save Carlina?

Expected Death is the fourth mystery in the series Temptation in Florence.

Discover Carlina’s Florence with this tour around town!


Five stars
Can’t wait for #5!
I pre-ordered this book but waited a few weeks before reading because I knew once I started I wouldn’t put it down….now I wait patiently for the next .
Carol Fair

Five starts
At last – another visit with the mad Mantoni clan
What a joy to get to visit with the mad Mantoni clan again. I look forward to every book because it’s like seeing old friends. In addition to being a challenging mystery, each Mantoni family book is full of real people, people you feel you know. Uncle Teo falls in love, but not wisely. How the family reacts to his bringing an old enemy of his daughter’s in as his live-in-love is all too human and understandable. Boeker’s skill in creating these people is that while I was outraged at his actions, I could also feel his emotions and desires, and when the murder occurs it was as if I had lost someone I knew. The solution was ingenious and unexpected. I hope Boeker is busy writing another Mantoni murder, because I’m already ready for it.
Amazon customer

Five stars
Worth reading!
Great characters and plot. Especially like the glimpses of Florence, my favorite Italian city. A great novel, like the previous three.
_Jeanne Delikat__