Stormy Times

- a Christmas romance -

Beate Boeker

Joanna Damanti is a vet in Stony Brook, Long Island going through a hard time. Half a year ago, her beloved dog died, and two months later, she separated from her fiancé because he cheated on her. Now she works like a demon to forget her feelings. Returning from a difficult foaling in the middle of a late November night, she gets stuck in an early blizzard. With her last ounce of strength, she manages to reach a house, but the man who gives her shelter for the night treats her like an unwelcome disease. As she has no choice, she adapts to his rough manners by being impolite herself. Sparks fly, and the night ends with a rescued puppy and a power failure, but this is only the beginning of her troubles.


A Fun Read
5 stars
Beate has done it again, creating a quick charming fun read that captured my interest quickly, and held it throughout the book. I enjoy her strong confident women characters who aren’t looking for love, and find it anyway.
G. Gural

Beate Boeker does it again
5 stars
An absolutely wonderful story. I felt I was there, watching from the sidelines, routing for them both to find the happiness that looked just out of reach. I could feel their emotions, the good and the not-so-good ones. This is such a ‘feel good’ story that you smile at the end and walk away – and not to pick up another book to read! You just want to hug the good feelings for a while….
Dianna Plano

Sweet and charming!
5 stars
I had the privilege of reading a review copy of this novel before it was published. After enduring an accident to save a homeless puppy from the worst blizzard Long Island’s seen in a long while, the heroine (a veterinerian) seeks help at a remote house where she winds up trapped with a murdering psychopath…or so she can’t help wondering. When the man turns out to be a handsome, albeit slightly paranoid in-a-charming-sort-of-way celebrity, she can’t quite convince him she hasn’t gone to lengths to invade his privacy for her own selfish reasons. She does eventually convince him to take ownership of the puppy, and pretty soon there’s more than just puppy love brewing.
As always, Ms. Boeker delivers an absolutely charming romance. Her heroes are imperfect but impossible to resist, and her heroines are smart, strong, sometimes sassy, but always sincere (my favorite combination). This is a fun, sweet little winter romance well worth the asking price!
__Becca __

Warm and engaging
An absolutely adorable story about a small-town veterinarian, a big-time musician, and the blizzard and abandoned pup that bring them together. After her Jeep runs off the road during a major snowstorm, Joanna seeks shelter in a nearby house, but the home’s resident is less than thrilled with her appearance and makes it known she isn’t welcome. Conran has his reasons for seeming rude to this unexpected visitor. Trying to heal after the tragic death of a friend, he’s been too long in the public eye to take people at face value. But Jo’s honesty and a new four-legged friend might melt his icy heart.
V. Ardito