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This is the website of Beate Boeker, USA Today bestselling author with a passion for books that brim over with mischief & humor.

Holiday Death (#9) is the latest addition to the series Temptation in Florence. Commissario Garini only wants to enjoy a romantic holiday with his wife. But then, he discovers a whole new family, and the very next day, someone shoots at him. Can this be a coincidence? This entertaining cozy mystery will keep you chuckling till you've turned the last page.


Happy Books | Mischief & Humor from Page 1

I write entertaining cozy mysteries and sweet sophisticated romantic fiction, many of them set in beautiful Italy. Several of my novels were shortlisted for the Golden Quill Contest, the National Readers’ Choice Award, the ‘Best Indie Books’ contest, and the RONE Award.

While ‘Boeker’ means ‘books’ in a German dialect, my first name Beate can be translated as ‘Happy’ . . . and with a name that reads ‘Happy Books’, I simply had to write feel-good novels with happy endings!

I want you to finish the last paragraph with a smile and return to real life with a glow inside. I want you to feel encouraged, to think that, yes, these are characters who feel as I do; characters who are not perfect, but are perfectly lovable. The heroines in my novels are self-assured with weak spots in their armor. They may lose their head but never their sense of humor. They laugh rather than cry and fight rather than faint.

So, if you want to chuckle and enjoy a little happiness, welcome!

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Temptation in Florence