Cozy Mystery

Cozy Mysteries

Meet the Mantoni family. This zany Italian family will become dear to your heart, even if they exasperate you from time to time. But you won't be alone in this: The heroine Carlina dearly loves her family, even if she could murder them from time to time -- and homicide inspector Stefano Garini is just as torn in two about the Mantoni clan. They get to know each other in the first book, and it'll take some time (and murders) until they're a couple. These mysteries will make you laugh and will probably fill you with a longing to travel to Italy right away. 

Delayed Death

Temptation in Florence #1
Cozy Mystery

Have you met the Mantonis? This eccentric Italian family has a fatal tendency to fall over dead bodies, and their unique reactions to murder will keep you giggling all through the night.

Charmer's Death

Temptation in Florence #2
Cozy Mystery

Everybody knows the Mantoni girls are attractive, and theoretically, that’s a good thing, right? Only this time, a charming but older millionaire desires the most beautiful Mantoni, Annalisa, as his lover for the Christmas season.

Banker's Death

Temptation in Florence #3
Cozy Mystery

Valentino, Carlina’s cousin and a banker, is hands-down the most unpopular member of the wide-spread Mantoni clan. However, a true Mantoni never accepts an intolerable situation, so one evening, they sit down to plot his death.

Expected Death

Temptation in Florence #4
Cozy Mystery

Falling in love on his eightieth birthday was not one of the planned party surprises, but Cupid’s arrow hits Uncle Teo hard. The rest of the Mantoni family, however, is in an uproar because the new girlfriend, Olga, has an astonishing talent for making enemies.

Seaside Death

Temptation in Florence #5
Cozy Mystery

The Mantonis are going on vacation! Carlina & Stefano are looking forward to relaxing in Italy’s Forte dei Marmi, the elegant seaside resort on the Ligurian Sea, but the holidays have hardly begun when their hotel manager is shot.

Classic Death

Temptation in Florence #6
Cozy Mystery

When eccentric fountain pen collector, Xaviero Monti, falls to his death, the Mantonis are convinced it's murder. After all, only the good die young, and Xaviero was anything but good.

Elegant Death

Temptation in Florence #7
Cozy Mystery

Carlina and Stefano’s marriage party comes to an abrupt end when her brother’s glamorous girlfriend is shot. To clear Enzo of suspicion, Carlina and Stefano will dive deep into the corporate tangles of Milan’s fashion industry, where nothing is as it seems …

Tricky Death

Temptation in Florence #8
Cozy Mystery

Never before has a case been as tricky as this: The newlywed husband of Carlina’s cousin is found drunk and unconscious in the arms of a dead prostitute. He claims he has no idea how he got there, but even his wife doesn't believe him.