Not sure where to start? Let me help you:


  • Mischief in Italy is the funniest romantic comedy I've written so far and perfect for a frothy summer read as it takes you to the lago di Garda.
  • A New Life is a true mix of romance & mystery and all about new beginnings. It's also the novel where Stefano Garini made his very first appearance! (He's the hero of the cozy mystery series Temptation in Florence.)
  • Stormy Times is the perfect Christmas-Novel for a stormy night, featuring an adorable puppy and a rock star.
  • Venetian Tangle is set in Venice during Christmas. Foggy, mysterious, and romantic ...
  • Rent A Thief is about an estranged mother-daughter relationship (besides the unusual romance with a thief!). Set in Seattle!
  • It's Raining Men is a fun romance set in Paris, Florence, Edinburgh, and California. Co-written with the amazing Gwen Ellery!
  • Take My Place is all about trust & keeping promises. A single mother falls hard for a man who's not who he seems to be.
  • A Little Bit of Passion is about keeping your independence even while falling in love. Perfect for all who love to ski.
  • Wings to Fly (my very first published novel!) is about a girl who has to learn to fight for her happiness as she's looking for a new job in Seattle.


  • The Beauty and Beast E is my gift for you - enjoy the full short story here on this website for free or download it onto your e-reader from your favorite retailer!
  • Chic in France is the perfect read for all those who love shoes (!) and France.
  • However, if you're a foodie, the series A Culinary Catastrophe is right for you - complete with one yummy recipe per short story.
  • Between Floors is a hilarious short story about a woman who's stuck in the lift as she returns from the hotel's swimming pool.
  • The anthologies Sweet Christmas Kisses are not available anymore. However, I've taken the three stories I wrote for this purpose and have combined them in Gingerbread Kisses.
  • If you're into traveling, try Almost Paradise and take a short trip to the Thousand Islands in Indonesia! This is the only travelogue I've ever published, by the way (not a romance).

All romances are so-called sweet or family-friendly romances.